Radio & Television Correspondents' Association

Founded in 1939 and consists of broadcast journalists who report on the United States Congress. Membership includes radio and television broadcasters from around the world.

Radio & Television Correspondents’ Association of Capitol Hill.

Founded in 1939, and with more than 4000 members today, the RTCA is the voice of radio and television news on Capitol Hill

The Radio and Television Correspondents’ Association represents the interests of radio and television reporters covering the Untied States Congress. It protects the rights of journalists and assists in every way possible to maintain the high standards of reporting on Capitol Hill.

News Conference During Watergate Hearings

Latest News

February Meeting Announcement

The Executive Committee of the Congressional Radio-Television Correspondents’ Galleries will hold its monthly meeting on Thursday, February 13 at 4:00 p.m. in the Senate Radio-TV Gallery studio (S-325, Capitol). This meeting is open[…]

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A Letter from the RTCA Executive Committee to our Members on Press Access during the Impeachment Trial

RTCA Members:  The RTCA Executive Committee would like to update all members of the association on our efforts to improve press access on Capitol Hill for the Senate impeachment trial. […]

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Statement on Press Access for President Trump’s Impeachment Trial – January 21, 2020

The Executive Committee of Correspondents continues to oppose members of the press having to pass through magnetometers to enter the Senate chamber. Reporters already go through magnetometers to enter any[…]

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