Statement by the RTCA Executive Committee

Statement by the RTCA Executive Committee

Members of the RTCA Executive Committee of Correspondents have met with representatives of the Senate Sergeant at Arms Office & U.S. Capitol Police to review the events of Thursday, February 14 in the Senate basement subway area.

During some key afternoon votes that day, some of our journalist colleagues reported having their access to Senators blocked, and in two specific cases, reported physical contact on the part of police.

We had a frank discussion, and with the agreement of the office of the Sergeant at Arms, made it clear the actions of Capitol Police were unacceptable, and must never happen again.

Our conversation included some specific ideas about how to create a more effective workspace for journalists & others in the subway area, and we look forward to monitoring progress in these areas.

While it’s acknowledged treatment of journalists could have been much better that day, we also want to remind our own members to be mindful of rules, protocols and traditions as they work on Capitol Hill, and to be aware of their surroundings, staffers & each other.

The Executive Committee appreciates the service of security and law enforcement on the Hill, and their time & attention to this important matter.

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