Month: January 2020

Representing broadcast journalists on Capitol Hill

A Letter from the RTCA Executive Committee to our Members on Press Access during the Impeachment Trial

RTCA Members:  The RTCA Executive Committee would like to update all members of the association on our efforts to improve press access on Capitol Hill for the Senate impeachment trial.  Through negotiations with the Senate Sergeant-at-Arms office, the executive committee has increased access to off-camera reporting in the Ohio Clock Corridor, acquired a network standup…
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Statement on Press Access for President Trump’s Impeachment Trial – January 21, 2020

The Executive Committee of Correspondents continues to oppose members of the press having to pass through magnetometers to enter the Senate chamber. Reporters already go through magnetometers to enter any building in the Capitol complex. This unprecedented decision could delay press access to the Senate Chamber. The executive committee supports plans in place to protect…
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‪The RTCA Executive Committee supports the Standing Committee of Correspondents on being opposed to magnetometers being installed inside the Senate Press Gallery during the impeachment trial.‬

The Executive Committee of Correspondents has voted to support the following statement: The Standing Committee of Correspondents remains vehemently opposed to the installation of a magnetometer inside the Senate Press Gallery during the Senate impeachment trial. The device will disrupt news gathering, diminishes workspace in the gallery that could be used for press conferences and…
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Statement on Press Access for President Trump’s Impeachment Trial

The Executive Committee of Correspondents’ is concerned about the restrictions on press coverage put in place at the start of President Trump’s Senate impeachment trial. The new procedures rolled out this week across the Capitol grounds, some implemented without explanation or justification, have made it more difficult for journalists to do their work and gain…
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Statement on the exchange between CNN’s Manu Raju and Senator Martha McSally

“The Executive Committee of Correspondents’ strenuously objects to insults being directed towards any journalist. On Thursday, one of our members, CNN’s Manu Raju, politely asked a United States senator a timely and relevant question about the impeachment trial of the president of the United States. Senator Martha McSally’s response was inappropriate anywhere, but particularly in the…
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January Executive Committee Meeting Announcement

The Executive Committee of the Congressional Radio-Television Correspondents’ Galleries will hold its monthly meeting on Monday, January 13 at 10:30 a.m. in HVC Studio A (HVC 114) of the Capitol Visitor Center. This meeting is open to all credentialed members of the Radio-Television Correspondents’ Galleries.