A Letter from the RTCA Executive Committee to our Members on Press Access during the Impeachment Trial

A Letter from the RTCA Executive Committee to our Members on Press Access during the Impeachment Trial

RTCA Members: 

The RTCA Executive Committee would like to update all members of the association on our efforts to improve press access on Capitol Hill for the Senate impeachment trial. 

Through negotiations with the Senate Sergeant-at-Arms office, the executive committee has increased access to off-camera reporting in the Ohio Clock Corridor, acquired a network standup position inside the Capitol, and secured additional network pool cameras at the Senate Subway for member interviews. There were also locations added for the arrivals of the Chief Justice and White House defense team to the Capitol.

However, our committee still has issues with press restrictions including the unprecedented act of making reporters go through magnetometers to access the Senate Chamber and the lack of a pooled television camera for press conferences and interviews on the west side of the Ohio Clock Corridor – both break 1999 precedent.

Our committee remains dedicated to fighting for the First Amendment and rest assured, we will do whatever we can to increase access for our members.

We hope to work with the Senate Sergeant-at-Arms office throughout the trial on press access and will continue to keep our membership apprised of the situation.

For previous and future statements from the Executive Committee please visit our website at RTCACapitolHill.org or visit our twitter account at @RTCACapitolHill

Jason Donner

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Chairman, Executive Committee of Correspondents

Greta Brawner


Vice Chair, Executive Committee of Correspondents

Paul Courson

Sinclair Broadcast Group

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Jared Halpern

Fox News Radio

Executive Committee of Correspondents

Padma Rama

Associated Press

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Ben Siegel


Executive Committee of Correspondents 

Kelsey Snell


Executive Committee of Correspondents

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