A Reminder about Safety Precautions on Capitol Hill

A Reminder about Safety Precautions on Capitol Hill

Dear Members,  

We would like to remind everyone to take all safety precautions necessary when reporting on Capitol Hill during the COVID-19 pandemic as more of our colleagues return to cover the process of selecting the next Supreme Court justice. 

The Executive Committee anticipates more reporters returning to work making corridors and hallways even more congested.   

Two important things members of our Gallery can control: limiting your presence here and complying with health safety protocols.  Pooled broadcast coverage is intended to minimize how many of our colleagues are at risk of exposure.   

It is imperative that CDC guidelines regarding social distancing and face coverings be followed.  

Additionally, if you have been around anyone with COVID-19 or experience any related symptoms, please stay home in order to protect members of congress, staff, and your fellow reporters. 

The Executive Committee will continue to find ways we can contribute to ensure everyone works in a safe environment.  

Executive Committee of Correspondents  

Radio and Television Correspondents’ Association 

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